The final post (for now)

I started this blog in 2008 and now, nearly eight years later and after about 500 posts, I have decided that it is time to finish.

I started this as a way of keeping in touch with family in the UK while we are living in Australia and a place to document our adventures. We are now back in the UK and slowly settling into life in Cornwall.

The exciting pace of life here will, I am sure, be read as rather mundane updates on school life… And, besides, tomorrow Edward turns 13 (a teenager – gulp) and it is high time he took control of his own online presence.

We are not sure what the future holds – whether we’ll stay here in Cornwall (the boys are settling well into the local schools) or whether we’ll return to Sydney for me to continue my academic work, or whether life’s adventure will take us to pastures new. Should a new adventure present itself, this will be the place where it will be documented. Until then, thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.




3 thoughts on “The final post (for now)

  1. First the Trump victory and now this news – it’s all a bit much! Look forward to a future “The Ashes somewhere” blog!

  2. Oh, this does make me sad as your updates are wonderful. They remind us that everything is special in daily life (not mundane) and how you all appreciate the small delights in a big adventure is an inspiration to us all.

    Of course, we’d love you to come back to Sydney and miss you all at Clareville Beach.

    Wishing you all the very best & I hope we hear more from you soon!


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